2002-07 Bull Market

One of the very first to call the 2002-07 bull market

Former bear warming to bullish possibilities

[Stack] is telling his followers that the stock market today presents “a viable profit opportunity”…“In all probability, it is a new bull market,” he writes in his latest newsletter, penned before stocks surged anew last week…Stack’s growing confidence in the market also may stem from his past successes in calling critical turns. He largely exited stocks just before the October 1987 market crash. And he turned positive ahead of the market’s rally in early 1991…Based on the fundamental and technical indicators he tracks, Stack says, the case for a new bull market is very strong

Los Angeles Times – Dec. 9, 2001

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"You guys add sanity to more than counterbalance what you see and hear in the so-called ‘business news.’ Thank you for helping me keep my family’s financial plan on course."

F.D., Baldwinsville, NY

You have made us a lot of money, but you have saved us even more.

You have the discipline of a seasoned technician, but you also have the insight of a brilliant theoretician. That is avery rare combination. You have made us a lot of money, but you have saved us even more.

B.P., San Juan Capistrano, CA

Fundamental Insights.

"I'd like to offer a special word of praise for all the work the entire InvesTech staff of professionals does ot help bring meaningful technical and fundamental insights to the attention of your subscribers. There is no one who can compare with what you do or the way in which you do it."

P.E.P., Ph.D., Okemos, MI

"Top of the Class" independent thinking.

"I have followed Jim carefully over these many years, and I am absolutely convinced that he is the ‘top of the class’ of independent thinkers."

C.C., Inverness, IL

Easy to understand technical analysis.

"I want to thank you for your publication. I have subscribed to several investment newsletters and found InvesTech to be the best. I like the way you back up your positions and recommendations with easy to understand technical analysis."

M.M., Orion, MI

Not following the herd mentality.

"A week rarely goes by, when I don't suggest to a friend or acquaintance that they give consideration to InvesTech because I find it very valuable. The reason I subscribed initially was because I like the idea of Jim being a bit different... not following the herd mentality."

C.B., Milwaukee, WI

One of the very few sources I trust.

"By the way, after trying various investment services over the past ~4 decades I've concluded that yours is the best one I've tried. One of the very few sources I trust, so thank you."

K. L., Saint Paul, MN


You are one of the few market commentators out there that can make the language of finance and markets understandable to normal folks.

D. G., Stamford, CT

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Viable Profit Opportunity – Nov. 30, 2001