Over 40 Years of Proven Track Record

Many investment advisors claim to have a great track record – or to have made spectacular stock market calls in recent years. InvesTech Research has an outstanding track record of identifying both bull markets and bear markets… and we can prove it!

1987 Crash Black Monday
1987 Crash – Black Monday

Published the week before “Black Monday,” as Wall Street pundits insisted that the market’s recent 200 point drop was nothing more than a “correction.”

Bull Market of the 1990s
Bull Market of the 1990s

Just 13 days after this issue was mailed, the stock market blasted off on an advance which would take it up more than 1000 DJIA points.

2000 Tech Bubble
2000 Tech Bubble

Just 3 months before the Internet Bubble popped [in March 2000], we warned subscribers “Crash or not, the upcoming bear market will likely be viewed as one of the most devastating in history.”

2002-07 Bull Market
2002-07 Bull Market

InvesTech Research was one of the very first to call the 2002-07 bull market…

2008-09 Financial Crisis
2007-09 Financial Crisis

With the nominal value of global derivatives over $271-Trillion, we answered the critical question: “How do we protect our portfolios from this Gorilla if it gets unleashed?”

Bear Market Bottom of March 2009
Bear Market Bottom of March 2009

InvesTech Research called the Buying Opportunity of a Lifetime!


Over the past 40+ years, InvesTech has earned a widely respected reputation for our objective analysis and safety-first investment philosophy.

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Published December 17, 2021

Preparing for a Bear Market

Barron’s recently interviewed Jim Stack, president of InvesTech Research, in a feature article about the best strategy and portfolio positioning for today’s high-risk market.

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Published November 25, 2021

Stack on Stocks: “This is a High-Risk Environment

Valuations remain at or near their highest levels in history, corporations continue to add to their record debt loads, and inflation is proving to be non-transitory, cautions Jim Stack…

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Published July 28, 2021

Super Investors and the Art of Worldly Wisdom Podcast

Jim Stack appears on the Super Investors and the Art of Worldly Wisdom podcast with Jesse Felder.

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Published July 13, 2021

Easy Money And The Risks Of Inflation

Investors in today’s stock market have become intoxicated on the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented – and seemingly endless – easy money policy.

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Published March 14, 2021

Jim Stack joins Grant Williams and Bill Fleckenstein for a fascinating conversation on The End Game. Jim Stack explains where InvesTech’s technical indicators suggest we are in the end game and what warning flags we are watching which may signal this bull market could be winding down.

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Published Jan 4, 2019

This Expert Called the Market Plunge

“If there are any certainties, one will be that this party will eventually come to an end,” James Stack, president of InvesTech Research, told me a year ago.

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"You guys add sanity to more than counterbalance what you see and hear in the so-called ‘business news.’ Thank you for helping me keep my family’s financial plan on course."


F.D., Baldwinsville, NY


You have the discipline of a seasoned technician, but you also have the insight of a brilliant theoretician. That is avery rare combination. You have made us a lot of money, but you have saved us even more.

You have made us a lot of money, but you have saved us even more.

B.P., San Juan Capistrano, CA


"I'd like to offer a special word of praise for all the work the entire InvesTech staff of professionals does ot help bring meaningful technical and fundamental insights to the attention of your subscribers. There is no one who can compare with what you do or the way in which you do it."

Fundamental Insights.

P.E.P., Ph.D., Okemos, MI


"I have followed Jim carefully over these many years, and I am absolutely convinced that he is the ‘top of the class’ of independent thinkers."

"Top of the Class" independent thinking.

C.C., Inverness, IL


"I want to thank you for your publication. I have subscribed to several investment newsletters and found InvesTech to be the best. I like the way you back up your positions and recommendations with easy to understand technical analysis."

Easy to understand technical analysis.

M.M., Orion, MI


"A week rarely goes by, when I don't suggest to a friend or acquaintance that they give consideration to InvesTech because I find it very valuable. The reason I subscribed initially was because I like the idea of Jim being a bit different... not following the herd mentality."

Not following the herd mentality.

C.B., Milwaukee, WI


"By the way, after trying various investment services over the past ~4 decades I've concluded that yours is the best one I've tried. One of the very few sources I trust, so thank you."

One of the very few sources I trust.

K. L., Saint Paul, MN

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