Model Fund Portfolio Sample

The InvesTech Model Fund Portfolio is designed for individual investors who want to follow our allocation and sector recommendations for the equity portion of their portfolio. We do not attempt to “time” the market. Instead, we utilize an array of macroeconomic, technical, and fundamental indicators, some of which are proprietary, to monitor the long-term health of the market and manage risk by adjusting our allocation as evidence develops. We are unable to provide specific recommendations outside of the Model Fund Portfolio as we are not a registered investment advisor and are unable to provide individual investment advice. Please read our important disclosures for more information.

Track Portfolio Changes

Subscribers who follow the Model Fund Portfolio can track the trades we’re making in real-time as we implement our “safety-first” strategy. Changes will be announced here first and an email alert will be sent to subscribers notifying them of the change.

Historical Performance

The available performance information of the InvesTech Model Fund Portfolio can be viewed here. The information is updated quarterly.

Model Fund Portfolio Allocation Table

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