Frequently Asked Questions

How often is the InvesTech Research Investment Newsletter released?

We publish our market letter on the third Friday of each month. In addition, we release market insights, hotline updates, economic trend updates, and more, throughout the month between newsletters.

How much does a subscription to InvesTech cost?

InvesTech Research has a variety of subscription terms to best fit your current needs. Specifically, we currently offer a 6-month subscription for $99, 1-year for $175, 2-years for $299, and 3-years for $399. We also offer a one-time trial subscription of 3 months for $39.

How do I utilize the Model Fund Portfolio?

To best utilize the Model Fund Portfolio, you should attempt to bring your portfolio into alignment with the Model Fund Portfolio’s allocation as quickly as possible. However, it is important to review the “For New Subscribers” section of the model fund portfolio page. In general, we recommend you first determine your current invested allocation, and then referg to the InvesTech model fund portfolio. Lastly, we suggest you adjust your portfolio to align with the model fund, phasing into the market over about 2 months. Purchases after our initial recommendations must be made at your discretion. See “How to Use the Model Fund Portfolio” for more information.

Can I get notified when new content is available?

If you are not a subscriber, you can sign up to receive a weekly summary email of all economic trends posted throughout the week. We also offer a variety of email notification options to subscribers. You can sign up for any combination of Latest Newsletter, Market Insight, Weekly Hotline, and Economic Trends emails. You can change your preferences at any time in the My Account area of the website.

How does InvesTech select ETFs and Mutual Funds to recommend?

We follow these criteria when choosing ETFs: They have at least $200 million in assets and adequate trading liquidity. They hold all or most of the securities in the index they are designed to follow. Additionally, we look for those that have at least a 5-year track record. Lastly, we choose funds that are sponsored by industry leaders and have expense ratios of less than the industry average.

The first criterion for mutual funds is a performance record which ranks among the top funds in its category. In addition, the fund should be no-load or low-load. It also must be easily switchable online or via phone either directly through a fund family or a brokerage service. We also look at the fund’s size, annual portfolio turnover, and expense ratio, among other attributes.

We recommend funds based on InvesTech’s independent stock market research and analysis and ensure they align with our safety-first strategy.

What is InvesTech’s safety-first strategy?

Instead of taking advantage of potential bull markets to make quick profits, InvesTech analyzes the economy holistically to maximize risk-adjusted-return. We implement this strategy using our independent stock market research and investment market analysis. Our goal is not to make large, quick profits, but to build resilient wealth in bull and bear markets. Our 40+ year track record demonstrates our ability to beat the market, without sacrificing our safety-first strategy.

What is the historical performance of the model fund portfolio?

We release the performance of the model fund portfolio on a quarterly basis. Access the most recent historical performance here or at the bottom of the Track Record page.

What indicators does InvesTech use in analyzing the market?

InvesTech uses over 100+ technical and fundamental indicators (monetary, economic, leadership, breadth, momentum, and sentiment). Approximately one-third of these are proprietary indicators developed through years of research. While the details of our proprietary indicators are confidential, we openly present their background and use their graphics in support of our analysis… often comparing current readings with the historical performance of these indicators.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

We have a 100% money back guarantee for all subscriptions. If you decide our service is not for you, simply email us at investech@investech.com or fill out a contact us form requesting to cancel your subscription and we will provide a refund for all remaining newsletter issues.

What real-time updates are available to subscribers online?

InvesTech Indicators and Daily Data are updated each day at market close on our website. InvesTech research publishes Market Insights when pertinent data releases and economic updates become available. Additionally, changes to the Model Fund Portfolio are on our website. You can sign up to receive email updates by opting in to receive Weekly Hotline Emails in the “My Account” Area. InvesTech Research may also communicate dynamic developments in the market and/or changes to our strategy on our Weekly Hotlines.

What does a subscription to InvesTech include?

A subscription includes full access to our online subscriber library and tools as well as our monthly investment newsletter. Subscribers automatically receive all tools and resources digitally and can choose to receive the newsletter via print as well. A subscription of 2-years or longer also includes an exclusive American Economy Wall Chart. Our online subscriber tools include a weekly hotline, market insights, daily data, InvesTech Indicators updates, and a variety of special reports.