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InvesTech Research is excited to offer its newsletter as an employee benefit! Good employees are hard to find and increasingly difficult to retain. It’s important to let them know you care about them and their future success beyond the work they produce. This unique financial wellness benefit for employees can help them manage their savings in a safe way, leaving them more present and productive.

By offering employees a fully paid subscription to InvesTech Research, you can show that you care about your employees’ long term financial health, and that you are investing in their future. If you offer a retirement plan, an InvesTech subscription is the perfect addition to help your employees responsibly invest and grow their retirement. Reach out to InvesTech today about our corporate group subscription offers!

Why Subscribe to InvesTech Research?

InvesTech Research is governed by a “Safety-First” investment strategy which is committed to helping you preserve capital and identify tremendous buying opportunities.

  • We have a proven track record. For 40 years, we have successfully navigated volatile markets with our “Safety-First” strategy, providing valuable insights to our subscribers. View full Track Record here.
  • Over 120 years of data inform our publications. InvesTech has developed one of the largest private databases in the industry including technical, monetary, and macroeconomic data. Through this wealth of market information, we’re able to spot trends and detect patterns that most other research firms miss.
  • Time-proven proprietary indicators and tools. We are unique in our ability to analyze both the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve as well as the technical health of the stock market, and what it means for your portfolio.
  • InvesTech provides 100% independent, objective analysis. We sell no investment products. We provide fiercely independent research that you will not get from brokers, mutual fund advisors, and even many investment newsletters.

Financial Wellness Benefits FAQs

What is a Financial Wellness Benefit?

A financial wellness benefit is a benefit offered to employees to increase their financial wellbeing, the most common would be a retirement plan. With the tightening job market, employers need to go above and beyond for the employees they already have, and those they hope to hire, hence the increase in demand for more unique financial wellness benefits.

How will an InvesTech Research subscription benefit my employees and my company?

Many companies offer retirement plans, but few people have a clear understanding of how to invest their savings and how the market behaves beyond what they hear in the major news. Coupling a retirement plan with an InvesTech Research subscription shows employees that you care about their long-term financial success, that you recognize their needs, and that you support their learning and development outside of their professional responsibilities. Showing your employees that you care about them can drive loyalty and engagement and cultivate a supportive culture.

How does a group subscription work?

We will set up individual subscriptions for each member of your company and can add additional employees at any time. You only have to pay once per year, and we’ll do the rest! Employees will receive their own username and an email to set up a password so they can each access their account.


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InvesTech Research, which promises ‘safety-first profits,’ has bested the overall stock market over the long haul with less risk. Publisher James Stack analyzes economic, monetary and market data (some going back more than 100 years) to make market calls and recommend allocations. – Kiplinger Personal Finance

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